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Grandparents Into Nature offers bonding experiences for grandparents and grandchildren built around nature - Photos by Jenny Erickson, Springfield, Missouri, United States and Mateusz Stachowski, Poland

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9-Day Grandparent & Grandchildren Adventure
Explore the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and the Wild West

August 15-23, 2015

9-Day Grandparent & Grandchildren Adventure

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Grandma Rocks (Dr. Barbara Joyce Frank)

With Grandparents Into Nature, Doc Rock (Dr. Barbara Joyce Frank) helps bring active grandparents closer to their precious grandkids by learning about the Earth, so that both can share more deeply a profound and fun experience in Nature. Her guidance enables grandparents to access Nature's wisdom. Then grandparents can guide their grandkids through a mutual adventure. The happy outcome is a bonding across the generations -- learning, enjoying and loving for all.

About Grandparents Into Nature

As a geologist, educator/trainer, speaker and author, Doc Rock (Barbara Joyce Frank) has spent her career helping people of all ages connect deeply with Planet Earth.

The company Grandparents Into Nature was created to inspire, educate and motivate grandparents to take their grandchildren by the hand to enjoy and learn about Nature together: the best gift of all.

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Grandparents Into Nature

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