Grandparents Into Nature, Experiencing Planet Earth with your grandkids


Grandparents Into Nature offers bonding experiences for grandparents and grandchildren built around nature - Photos by Jenny Erickson, Springfield, Missouri, United States and Mateusz Stachowski, Poland

About Doc Rock (Barbara Joyce Frank)

Grandma Rocks (Barbara Joyce Frank)Barbara Joyce Frank, Ph.D., has been a trailblazer and advocate of humanity’s profound connection to Nature and the Earth, for the past 40 years.

As Doc Rock and through her Grandparents Into Nature, Barbara’s mission is to motivate and empower grandparents around the world to connect with their grandchildren through the sharing of Nature. Being a grandmother of five grandkids, she is discovering the joy of introducing them, as she has done with people of all ages throughout her career, to the Earth’s fascinating story and lessons for living.

Barbara shares her Earth-systems knowledge to inspire grandparents worldwide to encourage their grandkids to be our planet’s future stewards. In this way, she is helping baby boomers to bond with their grandchildren, as well as bring balance into the lives of grandchildren who spend far too much time in cyberspace and too little time outdoors. Her programs give grandparents the skills to share Nature’s wisdom with their grandchildren, which bring joy, wonder and a deep sense of belonging to both generations.

Raised near the Atlantic Ocean, at a very early age Barbara felt a deep sense of connection to Planet Earth. Throughout her life, she has derived inspiration, guidance and comfort from Nature, and found ways to share it with others worldwide. She encourages people to bring Nature into their workplaces, schools and homes. Her mission is to weave Nature’s wisdom into everyone’s life. She was green decades before it was cool.

Grandma Rocks and GranddaughterBarbara’s doctoral dissertation research was a groundbreaking interdisciplinary environmental project on the effects of urbanization on the flow of a South Carolinian river. After completion of her doctorate, Barbara and her two children embarked on an adventure, which would result in spending 15 years in Europe.

University of Maryland University College hired Barbara as a faculty member to develop a Geology program at its Munich, Germany Campus. Her years of teaching were marked by the attendance of 25% of the student body in her classes and study tours. She led experiential-learning courses to Italy for volcanoes, Yugoslavia for caves, and Austria and Switzerland for glaciers.

Since returning to the United States, Barbara has worked for the U.S. House of Representatives Science and Space and Technology Committee, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Department of Energy. For the past decade, she has created a meeting and training retreat center in naturally beautiful Great Falls, Virginia, 30 minutes from Washington, DC, and five minutes from the Potomac River. Her business, Meeting Oasis, is designed to help nonprofit, government and corporate organizations to deal innovatively with change, drawing on deep understanding of natural systems. All the while, she guides people to experience joy and meaning from a deep connection to Nature through teaching courses, writing books, giving speeches, leading tours, and developing educational products.

Grandma Rocks discusses nature with GrandaugherBarbara’s Ph.D. in Environmental Geology is from University of South Carolina, 1973. Her doctoral research focused on the effects of urbanization on the Reedy River, Greenville, South Carolina, 1941-71. Her M.S. in Organizational Development was earned at the American University, 1997. Her thesis topic was on improving communication between the U.S. Department of Energy’s scientists/engineers and its public stakeholders regarding the cleaning-up of nuclear waste sites nationwide.

Among Barbara’s clients of Doc Rock Nature Programs, Team Building and Retreat Center Programs have been Dunkin' Donuts, ExxonMobil, Ritz Carlton, Verizon, Freddie Mac, U.S. Grains Council, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, American Red Cross, American Diabetes Society, Friends of the Earth, International Foundation for Electoral System, National Public Radio, The Nature Conservancy, University of District of Columbia.

Grandparenting with the Wisdom of Nature: Empower Your Grandchild for LIFE with 7 simple principles

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Grandparenting with the Wisdom of Nature: Empower Your Grandchild for LIFE with 7 simple principles


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