Grandparents Into Nature, Experiencing Planet Earth with your grandkids


Grandparents Into Nature offers bonding experiences for grandparents and grandchildren built around nature - Photos by Jenny Erickson, Springfield, Missouri, United States and Mateusz Stachowski, Poland

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Grandparenting with the Wisdom of Nature: Empower Your Grandchild for LIFE with 7 simple principles

Grandparenting with the Wisdom of Nature: Empower Your Grandchild for LIFE with 7 simple principlesIn her recently released book, entitled Grandparenting with the Wisdom of Nature, Dr. Frank assures her readers that they do not need any formal education in science to introduce their grandchildren to the natural world. “You do not have to know the name of a tree in order to help your grandchild experience its wonders—just reach out and touch it, feel it, be with it. If you are inexperienced yourself, that is all the better: you can experience nature with the same wide-eyed wonder that your grandchild does.”

Dr. Frank wrote this book to address Nature Deficit Disorder, a term coined by Richard Louv to describe how lack of exposure to nature can lead to a wide array of physical, mental and social problems for children. Attention deficit disorder (ADD), obesity and depression are all linked to nature deficit disorder. One of the leading reasons that children are spending so little time in nature is that they are plugged into technology. Dr. Frank is not anti-technology, rather she suggests a more balanced life-style. She proposes that grandparents, as intergenerational nature mentors, are a safe and simple remedy for nature deficit disorder. Grandparents can help their grandchildren “get connected” to the vast miraculous nature network that is ready and waiting for them. “To give up the natural kind of connection for the digital kind is like trading diamonds for rhinestones,” writes Dr. Frank.

The book presents seven basic Nature principles that will empower children for life, helping them to grow up healthier and happier. It provides a unique blend of inspiration, factual information and practical grandparent tips for the reader. Each chapter introduces a new concept that is carefully and clearly explained in easy-to-understand language. Many specific ideas for activities in nature are provided both within the main text and in the appendix. Grandparenting with the Wisdom of Nature contains several charming anecdotes based on the author’s experience with her own granddaughter.


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